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Low Emissions Scenario 2023

一个独特的 看看 能源世界

The stakes for the energy transition are higher than ever, 和 to reach net zero by 2050, we will need more of everything – 和 faster.  
Developed by analysts leveraging the knowledge of 50 internal experts modelling power markets in detail across 21 countries, Statkraft’s Low Emissions Scenario is an optimistic but realistic assessment of global energy trends up to 2050.  
In a first for the report, this year’s Low Emissions Scenario features two additional scenarios: Clean Tech Rivalry 对 Net ZeroThe Delayed Transition

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5 questions for a hydro project manager, Siri Todnem 

水电 st和s to play an ever-more vital role in our Low Emissions Scenario 对 2050. We chatted to Siri Todnem, project manager for the rehabilitation of one of 挪威’s largest dams, to get up close 和 personal with hydro. 


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The Low Emissions Power Puzzle

In the Low Emissions Scenario, a successful energy transition requires a complex 和 coordinated set of actions from various actors 和 sectors. Keep reading to see how these specific puzzle pieces need to fall into place – 和 which ones may be missing across all three scenarios in the report. 



Man wearing safety gear smiling with solar panels in the background

太阳能发电 myth-busting

Our Low Emissions Scenario shows solar going from strength to strength 对 2050. Despite this huge potential, some ‘solar myths’ remain. Read on, as Solar Project Manager Paolo Pizzorni, busts some of the biggest.