Illustration of power production, storage and agreements

PPAs for plant operators, project developers and investors

十大靠谱网赌提供适用于所有间歇性能源和灵活资产的购电协议,以及 通过银行或股权融资的项目,以实现其发展:

  • different pricing models and durations of contract,
  • turnkey optimisation for flexible generation​,
  • physical or financial.

PPAs for commercial and industrial companies

PPAs are power supply contracts. In addition to matching individual procuremenent strategies, 购电协议是极好的对冲工具,可为您的投资组合降低风险:

  • different delivery models and contract durations,
  • 量身定制的定价方案,以适应您的供应和对冲策略,
  • with or without guarantees of origin,
  • 十大最好的网赌平台可以用可再生能源覆盖 高达100% 的电力消耗.

十大最好的网赌平台 matches the needs of all parties


能源市场面临的挑战之一是,可再生能源发电厂的所有者和电力消费者的需求并不相同. One wants uninterrupted supply, 另一个则只能根据天气条件发电.



  • 由于大量的发电厂组合用水,为消费者提供可预测性和安全性的供应, solar and wind to ensure a steady supply.

  • 通过稳定的发电能力,为电厂业主提供财务可预测性和安全性, predictable revenues.


Førrevassdammen, in 挪威.
Photo: Lars Petter Pettersen


十大最好的网赌平台凭借125年的专业开发经验,在全球范围内提供可持续的绿色能源解决方案, building and operating hydropower, solar and wind installations.

Illustration with map of Europe


In Europe, we are the no. 一家可再生能源生产商和一家领先的电力购买协议提供商. We are Norwegian state-owned and have an A- credit rating.

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